Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada
Українська спілка образотворчих мистців Канади
Ukrainian Association
of Visual Artists of Canada

Ihor-Lubomyr Kurok

Ihor was born in France. He is a self-taught artist. Took one year-course for cartoonist at the famous Rarisian school “Ecole-Universelle”. In the 60’s was the cartoonist at now defunct, ukrainian weekly “The Free Word”, (the pablisher was Stepan Rosocha, subtitute to the President of the “soim” of Carpatho-Ukraine).

He is the son of the well-known artist-inventor John Kurok who worked in metal and wood. Ihor’s father invented two mechanisms for steam locomotives, an electro-tractor and a sefely valve. France sold the patents to the United States in the 1950’s. Ihor’s art can be found in private collections in many countries.

He works in oil, watercolor, ink and pecil. His painting “Battle of the Kozaks against the Turks” appered in the pablicationmUkrainian Art in the Diaspora, Philadelphia, 1981. Ihor received a citation from Pope John Paul II for the historical miniature “Christening of Ukraine-Rus'”.
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