Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada
Українська спілка образотворчих мистців Канади
Ukrainian Association
of Visual Artists of Canada

Maryna Pribytkova

Marina Prybytkova was born in Kiev, November 5th, 1975. She comes from a family of a prominent Ukrainian artist Mukola Ustianovich (1811-1885, fifth generation) from whom she inherited talent to fine arts. Currently she works as an interior designer, while practicing unbiased expression through sculptures and paintings.

To express her artistic theology Marina uses realism as well as abstract genres. She displays virtuoso’s skill with paint. Her emotive sculptures and paintings are humanist evocations of philosophical concepts.

In Ukraine she studied sculpture in exclusive Republican Art School named after Taras G. Chevchenko. From 1991 she lives in Toronto, where she graduated with degree from Ontario College of Arts and Design. She participated in the following group shows: 1994 – art fair at Ontario Place; 1999, ‘New Figures, New Faces’- KYMF; 2002, ‘Artistic Creations of Ukrainian Women’ – KYMF, Toronto, Canada.
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